BGE EVsmart Program Eligibility & Requirements

This online application is for qualified smart electric vehicle (EV) charging stations purchased from retail, online retail, or charging equipment providers and installed in single family (Level 2 chargers) or multifamily (Level 2 and DC fast chargers) dwellings.

Residential Home Charging Incentive

Annual incentives are issued each December. To receive the annual $50 gift card, you must charge your vehicle during off-peak hours (9pm-7am) 90% of the time. If you have previously applied for and received a BGE EVsmart Residential EV Charger $300 rebate, you do not need to reapply to be eligible the new Home Charging Incentive. Ensure your charger remains connected for BGE to review your annual charging usage. Home Charging Incentive gift cards will be issued annually at the end of the year.

  • Limit of one $50 annual incentive per household annually.
  • Make sure the EV charger installed is eligible for the annual incentive by reviewing the eligible product list. Only charging stations listed are eligible for incentive.
  • BGE must be able to confirm that the charger is connected and transmitting data. Tesla-compatible chargers must first register through evPulse before applying for an incentive.

Multifamily, Fleet & Workplace Rebate Eligibility & Requirements

  • Limited to BGE commercial customers receiving utility service from BGE through rate Schedule G, GS or GL.
  • Limit of $30,000 in total rebates per site for the Multifamily, Fleet & Workplace Property rebates.
  • The total rebate amount paid will not exceed the customer’s total project cost.
  • Make sure the EV charger installed is eligible for the rebate by reviewing the eligible product list. Only charging stations listed are eligible for rebates.
  • Tesla brand EV chargers are NOT currently eligible for BGE EVsmart Multifamily, Fleet & Workplace Property rebates.
  • Charger must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi (hotspots are not sufficient) or a 4G network and BGE must be able to confirm that the charger is transmitting data.
  • The EV charger must be purchased and installed after July 1, 2019.
  • You are required to provide the costs EV drivers pay to charge their vehicles at your charger(s).
  • Fleet properties must have a minimum of 5 EVs registered in Maryland. Maryland registration documentation required.
  • Fleet and Workplace property rebates are limited to Maryland small business or non-profit entities.
    • Maryland small businesses are defined as Schedule G or GS customers that are based in Maryland or were formed as a Maryland legal entity (e.g., corporation, LLC, partnership).
    • Non-profits are defined as entities recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as having current 501(c) tax exempt status.
  • An online rebate application along with supporting documents must be submitted within 30 days of qualified charger installation. The required supporting documents include:
    • A copy of the sales receipt (showing purchase date, price and model number)
    • The installation invoice (showing installation date and cost)
    • photo of the equipment serial number(s)
    • Copy of vehicle registration (for Fleet only)
    • Evidence of current 501( c) tax exempt status (if applicable)
  • Your installation of an EV charger is only eligible for an incentive if it is purchased new. Resale material or material that is leased, rebuilt, refurbished, damaged, rented, received from insurance claims, received from a manufacturer warranty, or won as a prize does not qualify.

Creating an Account

New users will be prompted to create an online application account. This account will allow you to create and manage your EV charger rebate application online. Note, this account set up is not connected to your BGE My Account access.

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